12600 TOWNE CENTER DRIVE WALTON KY, 41094   8594857439            


Public Education

Station 1, located at 12600 Towne Center Drive and Station 2 located at 261 Shorland Drive in Richwood, are staffed 24 hours a day. Station 1 houses 2 engines,  ladder truck, Quint, brush truck, hazmat truck, and 2 ambulances. Station 2 houses 1 engine and 1 ambulance.

Our History

In 1880 Walton had the first known organized firefighters. They were known as the “Bucket Brigade”. There were 12 cistern built along the roadside to be used only for fighting fires. These cisterns were used until 1936 when the City installed a water system.


Made up of career, part-time, and volunteer personnel, the district utilizes 2 stations to provide fire suppression and advanced life support. 

What is public education? Public education means to inform the public of the hazards of fire and the way to potentially save lives.