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Our History

In 1880 Walton had the first known organized firefighters. They were known as the “Bucket Brigade”. There were 12 cistern built along the roadside to be used only for fighting fires. These cisterns were used until 1936 when the City installed a water system.

In 1898 Walton had only 2 paid fireman. The first fire chief, Taylor Stilley and his assistant chief Eugene DeMoisey. These two men were paid $2.00 for every fire they went to.

According to the recorded minutes of the Walton Board of Trustees meeting June 4, 1902 the following were present: J. T. Booth, chairman, G. W. Ransler, Cyrus Coffman, J. M. Stamler, and J. L. Adams, and W. L. Rouse, Clerk. During this meeting the following motion was recorded: “Mr. Alford Stephens take charge of the fire engine for one year for $15.00 and $1.00 for each time he takes it out for fire provided if said Stephens does not keep said engine clean, and primed and in working order at all times he is not to have any compensation whatever. The money is to be paid at the end of the year”.  A. R. Hance was the town Marshall and tax collector and John G. Tomlin was the city’s attorney.

In 1947 the Walton Volunteer Fire Department was formed.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Walton Fire Department was formed in 1952. These ladies did a great job of assisting the Volunteers by providing hot meals, coffee and soft drinks during emergencies. One of those times was in 1957 when there was a train derailment that took five days to clean up. During that time the Ladies served meals to the Department, the train crews and others helping. The Ladies were also on the job at all the Firemen's Picnics. They served the food and made cake and other goodies for the Bingos and other functions.

One of the most destructive fires in the history of Walton struck on April 9, 1971. The fire was caused by trash fire that got out of hand and was spread by the wind to one business to the next. The fire hit the businesses of the Boone County Drug Store, the Village Barber Shop, an adjoining house known as John's Place, and the Walton Garage. The damage estimated $250,000. Because of this fire an Ordinance was put into effect. This Ordinance stated the no person or persons will be able to burn trash.

   On March 4, 1972 Ernest Perry, Ronald Swiger, and Anthony Garcia died in a small plane crash. The plane crashed into a hillside in a pasture just off High Street on Leonard Clifton's property. Willard Martin said that he saw the plane come straight down and crash into the hillside. The plane hit so hard that it drove the motor deep into the ground, and  it tore off the wings and tail section. The fire from the wreckage was so minor that it only took two small fire extinguishers and four buckets of water to put the flames out. 

   The Boone County Carpet Mills located at 16 South Main Street (currently H & H parking lot) caught on fire and was destroyed on Feb 26, 1977. The Fireman went and put out the fire and left. When they got home the were called out a second time because it caught fire again. While trying to fight the fire Tommy McIntyre fell though the floor but was not badly injured. The fire was thought to be started by the furnace, but the real cause in unknown.

Past Chiefs

Chief Russell Groger: 1947-1956
Chief Charles Worthington: 1956-1973
Chief Ed Berkemeier: 1973-1974
Chief Ken Berkemeier:  1974-1976
Chief John Taylor: 1976-1977
Chief Tom Webster: 1977-1977
Chief Bobby Joe Glenn: 1977-1978
Chief Donald McIntyre: 1978-2006
Chief Tom Ollier: 2006-Present

 Dedication of the New Post Office (unknown year)

The End of Walton Garage
April 9, 1971

This new Mack Fire Truck was bought in time to be the featured attraction of the July, 1953 Firemen's Picnic.