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Thank you for your interest in the

Walton Fire Protection District 

The Volunteer Firefighter

Volunteer Firefighters are a breed unto themselves
Whoever heard of a person who is willing to be on a twenty-four duty without pay for the dubious privilege or protecting their neighbor's property
Whoever heard of someone who will dash from their desk and ride a fire truck to a scene of the alarm ruining their suit, neglecting their business, risking their life and exhausting themselves physically, not for money, but because they believe in serving their community
Whoever heard of a person who will give up watching their favorite television show, postpone some reading or some "do-it-yourself" house chores they have been planning plus sacrificing their evenings with their family just to attend a meeting where they learn how to function as a volunteer servant in behalf of their fellow man
Whoever heard  (in this day and age) of a person who is crazy enough to be worrying about any one else
Well, if you don't know the answer to these questions join your local fire department and become a volunteer
You will see people just like you who cares what happens to their neighborhood, community and their country. 
Serving as a Firefighter or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) / Paramedic is a rewarding experience. Anyone considering joining needs to take into consideration the amount of time that is required for training, and ongoing training. The time that is required can be demanding at times.

To be eligible for membership you must meet the following requirements:

be at least 18 years of age
possess a high school diploma or GED
be able to pass a physical examination
be able to pass a physical agilities test
be able to pass a background investigation
be able to pass a physical ability test 

Along with the satisfaction of helping others and your community, you will receive  the  following benefits:

Basic Uniform items
Workers Compensation Insurance and supplemental insurance
Social events and functions
Other Federal and State benefits
Insurance (fulltime employees ONLY)

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please call the Administration office at (859) 485 7439  or you can visit the firehouse at 12600 Towne Center Drive Walton KY 41094